A New era

This collection of works is a tribute to those that had the courage to stand up for what was right, by doing what was wrong.

I chose this portrait of George Washington because he was an integral part in the fight for our independence. This particular image caught my eye because of the dark tones that were used.
This painting of Thomas Jefferson was done by the same artist that did the George Washington painting. I noticed that again he used the dark tones and made it even darker by using a dark red background.
I chose this image of John Adams again because of the colors used and the role he played as a diplomat during the revolutionary war. I enjoy the fact that this painting isn't as dark as the previous.
Benjamin Franklin also played a major role in our fight. In this painting you can see that he appears to be a very serious man. There aren't any overpowering colors and the dark background seems to go unnoticed.
John Hancock was a shipping merchant in the mid to late 1700's. Although a wealthy man, this image portrait of him appears to down play his wealth. I enjoy the lighter colors used in this image.
James Madison not only helped write the Constitution but also helped create the office of the President. This image appears to be a little darker than the last few. This one also appears to have a lot more texture.
James Monroe, the author of the "Monroe Doctrine" was the last President that is considered a founding father. There are many dark color tones used in this image as well. Artist's choice or Monroe's choice?
This building was essentially the capital building during the age of the colonies. This is where the Liberty Bell hung and where the Declaration of Independence was signed. There are many dark tones in this image but the building itself is lighter, making it the focal point of the image.
I have always loved this painting as is depicts the struggles that our soldiers went through to win our independence. Also, Washington stand tall and strong at the front of the boat, clearly identifying him as the leader. On the other hand, he is painted with the same color tones as the other soldiers, almost giving a unified look to the colonial army.
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