the key to fulfillment 

The fulfillment of a person's true potential starts with the understanding of nature and how things are created. Everything requires a seed and grows with time. Each thing is either a void, atom, or the consequence of the same.

The next step to self-realization is realizing what is in your power and what is not. When a person master that, they will not become dominated by emotions and blame others. The things in our control is free and unhindering, and will help one reach happiness. The things not in our power is weak and dependent, such as body, property, and reputation. Understanding death is also a part of self-realization. One should be confident about death, because it is going to happen and not in one’s control.

The third step and most important, is learning to live in accordance with this nature once we know what is in our power and what is not. One must be awake, seek divinity from within, and realize the simplicity of life. Nature is the key aspect which starts the process and help one reach ultimate self-realization.

Self-realization is a basic principle of life. But, sometimes this process is interrupted by the loss of civil or human rights. Without one’s rights, it is hard to achieve anything because as mentioned previously, your role in society is not in your power to control. You just have to embrace it and hope for change. 

"... her first principle: that nothing's brought Forth by any supernatural power out of naught."-1.7.149-150 Lucretius
This follows the first quote that nothing comes from nothing which is shown through evolution. Everything requires a seed, and have order due to growth.
The things that are in our control includes opinion,aim,desire,aversion, and moral character. These things are naturally free. If you know what is in your control, this will help achieve happiness.
"Remember that you are an actor in a play, the nature of which is up to the director to decide... whatever role is assigned the accomplished actor will perform it with impartial skill" (Epictetus 228)
Living in accordance with nature will help one to be awake and alert spiritually and intellectually. This is attained from the simplicity of life.
Humans need to spiritualize and seek divinity from within. In order to achieve this, sometimes, individuals need to diverge from society.
"He interested me because he was so quiet and solitary and so happy withal" (Thoreau 166). This man lived the simplest lifestyle there was and seemed the happiest of anyone.
"I had 3 chairs in my house: one for solitude, and two for friendship" (Thoreau 112)
"The first loss which the rightless suffered was the loss of their homes...what is unprecedented is not the loss of a home but the impossibility of finding a new one" (Arendt 34)
The loss of civil rights and human rights ls the loss of everything. They are overcrowded and deprived of food. This is out of their control, and they have to deal with the cards dealt.
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