Abstract Nature

“Abstract Nature” is all about combining two of my most favorite pieces of art. Abstract art is always intriguing because a lot of times its up to the person viewing the art to interoperate what the shapes form or mean. Combine that with the gorgeous colors and peaceful views of nature and now your thinking “Abstract Nature”

“Trapped Lakes” is a beautiful piece showing abstract shapes to display a series of lakes within hills, mountains and valleys. The color shift from more green to more tan along with the majority of blues being with the greens gives the feeling of this piece being almost on the edge or beginning of a desert. What becomes abstract about the piece is the geometric shapes causing an almost blurred feeling to the image for the viewer to interoperate it in their own way.
“Eastern Eagle” is a curious piece showing what looks to be an eagle perched up on some sort of branch with the sun shining down in a “god” like way. What becomes abstract about this piece is what the eagle is sitting above. While he nature part of this piece is the sky and tree, the abstract piece dwells in the geometry of the piece and the curiosity of what the yellow and orange colors below the eagle are.
“Innerscape 3” is a abstract series of traces of lines all drawn near vertically with minimal horizontal lines. The darkness of the red and brown colors helps compliment the mystery of the image. When looking closely to the shape it makes it starts to form a tree with hanging moss on it. When comparing that to the color choices it very much compliments each other.
“Earth Spray” has a different color scheme than any other piece of art in this gallery. That being said it is because it takes place in what appears to be a Grand Canyon area and appears to have tents or clothing placed throughout the center. This is difficult to interoperate due to the abstract shades and lack of dimension but this clearly represents a dry area.
“Untitled [formerly Self-Portrait] is a animated abstract piece. At the top you can see natures stars with an owl perched up in its nest. What becomes abstract about this piece is what happens below the nested owl. The tree or vines take an odd shape curving to a yellow piece of unknown and appears to nearly melt onto this piece.
“Kjálkjafjörður, Iceland” can be interoperated as several different pieces of nature and that is what makes this a fantastic abstract piece. When going off of the title you would assume that this is a natural snow storm in the dark of Iceland however it can also appear to be pine needles. Being that Iceland is actually more green than ice that would make a little more sense.
“Wisteria” has got to be the most mysterious piece in this gallery. On one end it appears to be a Niagara falls of sorts with the darker water near the top and the lighter water or mist near the bottom but the shape and clash of the greens says otherwise. The artist really makes you think about this piece but what it could be is simply a look into the water with a lily pad in the lower right corner and algae in the upper part of the image.
“Super Nature (mong-yu-do-won-do)” is an image of a piece that appears to be a forest with possibly gorillas. When you look at the texture of the piece it appears to be composed of different curved panels of metal roofing. While this isn’t the abstract part of the piece, It gives an urban vibe to the piece. Where this piece becomes abstract is the blurring of what is in the trees and forest. You look at this piece thinking to yourself what could be in there.
“Flight to the Abyss” is a great piece with abstract depths of lines and shading. You clearly see a man with his hand reached out to try and catch himself from falling but the “abyss” is the great unknown. You can also look at the shading of the lines near the human figure and almost see a lightning bolt shape being struck into a storm; this could be a reference to a Greek god Zeus.
“Marine” is an intriguing piece that clearly shows a sun rising or setting in the background and water in the foreground. What is abstract about this piece is the geometrical shapes used to form an interesting object that could either be a sail boat or possibly an island with a strange lion king like rock that the sun is peaking from behind.
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