European Art  From                   1750 to 1900                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                   By Grady Gilmore and Sam Bowling                            Our art comes from 1750-1900 and it  is all from Europe. We chose this topic because there is lots of cook art from then. Are second artwork is a sculpture. All the others are paintings. Are painting are from all the corners of Europe. One is from Norway and one is  Greek . The art in are exhibit is very cool.                                                                                       

This is a painting of The Church in Auvers. I think it fits here because it is what the artist sees. I say this because some of the walls are not straight. This would mean it might not look like this in real life. It also fits because it was made by Vincent van Gogh, one of the greatest painters the world has ever none.
I think this fits because it is of a Greek Goddess and the Greeks had lots of art. Also you can see how hard the artist worked to make it. It would be very hard to make the very fine details. This person is Hebe, the Greek Goddess of youth how also gave the gods there immortal drink.
I think it fits because it looks into the life of a Spanish Dancer. I think this because in the back were it is dark might might reflect the hardships. Where it is bright and there is lots of light might reflect the fun, bright times. Spanish Ballet reflects Spanish art and culture.
It fits because it shows two powerful people meeting. I think this maters because when I think of Europe I think of kings,Lords and other powerful people. I can tell this painting took lots of skill. It was painted 1767 by Pompeo Batoni.
This painting is called From Balestrand at the Sognefjord. The mountains look as though they are creating a boundary around the lake from the oncoming storm. There also some sailboats on the lake. I think the clouds show the valley a little better. I say this because without them the mountains might all blend in together.
Credits: All media
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