color of life Gallery


I Chose this piece because i feel like the color in the image shows a lot of different emotion in this art work.
I added this image to my gallery because this image embodies everything my gallery is about, the detail that is shown on this piece using all the various forms of color really stood out to me.
I added this piece because my favorite color is green and I can really appreciate the way the artist uses the color to represent such emotion.
This specific piece doesn't have the vibrant colors that most other pieces have, however the color choice captures the essence of the piece because any other color choice wouldn't have had the same effect.
I chose this one because the without the color you wouldn't have gotten the same effect. The color shows the shape that is being emphasized.
I Feel like the color in this piece bring the image to life and defines the art to show what the artist was trying to do.
I enjoy this piece of artwork because its not a traditional piece thats hung and framed in a gallery, instead its on a building wall. The colors add personality to the building.
The colors are so vivid with this work, the perfect colors for a vivid Mexican piece.
The color choice they used for this wall is monochromatic, which allows the image to flow with your eyes.
This artist used colors to represent a sun without having to actually paint a sun.
They didn't use the typical black outline, but instead used darker hues of already used colors.
This piece uses more realistic colors giving it that more realistic feel.
The way they left most of the space as white and using colors to add emphasizes to what they are really depicting, which is a creepy face.
They used shades of blue and purple to depict that corpse like skin tone.
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