The Arabs Venue 

My name is Youssef Fouad and this my gallery. You might notice from my name that I am an Arab, and for that I made an Arab gallery. This gallery contains very unique Arabian art pieces, all of these pieces are from the same time period, the 18th century.

This piece shows an Arab on his camel. You can see how the artist wanted us to focus on the Arab and the camel, and for that there is barely a background or anything else to drive your attention away.
This a realistic art piece of Cairo in the 18th Century. You can see here that the artist put a lot of details on the figures and the architectural designs of the buildings.
This a very detailed depiction of an Arab battle around 1854. This piece shows very complicated art and very detailed, with a very good color circle that shows clear details.
This art piece shows a horse market in Syria in the 1800s, it is a very peaceful art piece, with very peaceful colors, bright yet calming.
As you can see, this one is a bit different from the previous pieces, as it has very hight contrast, colors are so bright.
This is a sketch of a seated Arab smoking his pipe, the artist used crosshatching technique for shading and details.
Arabs were known for their islamic designs, writing art. This very old colophon page from around 1800s, shows very nice islamic art.
This is a very simple yet detailed chalk drawing of a seated Arab, it lacks color yet shows completion.
This piece has very good details of the Arab horses as they are very distinctive among others horses all over the world. The artist here made a very simple background to show the location (Egypt).
Credits: All media
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