The theme of my artwork is based on the theme of waves. The topic ‘waves’ is generally a broad topic to talk about since it could be interpreted as waves of water, sound waves or waves of wind. I have chosen to talk about the theme of waves because there are many artworks that could easily relate and best represent my chosen theme. A wave is such a fantastic topic to talk about since they are a caused by a natural occurrence of human nature. All my artworks or sculptures in my gallery all relate to each other since they all consists of a lot of meaning, which can be interpreted as something else to another person. Also, they all best help indicate my theme of waves and I personally believe that they are the best artworks or sculptures that best represent my theme. A sculpture in particular that I have chosen to describe is the sculpture called ‘Wave”, created by Lee ll Ho, since it is a unique and quite extraordinary piece of work. This sculpture is basically depicting a wave, with water droplets falling from the edge. This amazing sculpture is made out of stainless steel, created in 2011. Many people would not consider this sculpture to look like a wave as it can be quite confusing and can have a different meaning to other people. The artist who created this sculpture has a unique mind and thoughts about his creation. Personally, I believe that this artwork is definitely unique and quite extraordinary, full of different meanings and understandings to many different people.

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