I chose this landscape for a reason. This landscape does not look like a landscape even thought it is called Urban Landscape.I thought that was very interesting.
I thought this landscape was amazing. It is rocky and has a lot of mountains with houses and nice trees. As you can see it looks like a nice day.
Diego Rivera painted this landscape in the house that Dolores Olmedo had in Acapulco. He lived there for his last years, convalecing from the cancer he suffered. Rivera dedicated this artwork to Frida Kahlo two years after she died.
I believe that this painting is about a city that has been destroyed. As you can see the buildings and houses are breaking apart and falling.
This painting is my favorite. This painting shows a women just walking in the woods by a pond. On the pond you can see the reflection of the women in red and the trees. This painting looks real
This painting looks like a simple Spanish city. Also a nice neighbor hood with the nice houses and streets. I really like this painting.
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