Clare 209 Sum 1 Paint TH

These paintings are all different and all create a different feeling from each. They are different stories for sure and are unique.

This painting is very interesting. It shows the creation of a city. It raises the question about if either the city is not finished or the artist didnt finish the painting. Perhaps the artist did finish the painting and just did not finish the painting on purpose.
This painting has a lot of aspects going on. The sky is one of the first things I notice it shows a conflict of weather. Another big aspect is the tree it is a main part of the painting and then we can see the man on the ground of the desert. It makes us feel as though he, like the tree, is suffering.
The potato planters makes the feeling of the hardships they have endured. The hard work of the times before machines came around to make this work easier. The background also creates a good scene for the rest of the painting. Creates the mood required for the main part of the painting.
This painting is definitely different than the other paintings. It represents a almost fantasy like scene. the sky has green and different objects in white. This was what interested me the most of the painting. The green figures and the white figures look like dragons almost. Perhaps it is my imagination, but perhaps the artist made them look like this.
This painting is interesting because it is also different than the other ones. The style is different than the other styles. The blotch like look creates a great different kind of look This enables the audience to create their own opinion like i did. It almost looks like the lady is laying towards something looking at something. It definitely is a creative type of art.
Credits: All media
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