The Holocaust and killing of all Jews in German is known as the worst acts committed against humanity. The extermination and killing of the Jews was what caused the lead up to the Holocaust; The placing of the Jews in ghettos and the transportation of Jews. Throughout my museum I have chosen these images because they tell a story of the hardships, the pain and suffering all Jewish men, woman and children experienced under the ruling of Adolf Hitler. I chose these images because they show the events that occurred before and during the extermination of Jews in Germany. The yellow Star of David shown at the beginning of the museum highlights who the Museum is about. It shows how they were made indifferent compared to other races. It relates to the Holocaust because Jews were always made to wear the Star of David to show other germans living in Germany who they were. Throughout the museum there are images of street cars for Jews, Jewish people being expelled and their shops being shutdown which demonstrates the processes of life for Jews before the events of the extermination of the Jews begun. The image of the Jewish train signify's the isolation the Jews felt during World War II since they were disallowed from catching public transport with other German citizens. Hitler ensured that Jews were to be isolated from the rest of the world and all communication made between Jew and German must be cut off. All humans who were Jewish were discriminated against and had many acts of racism carried out upon them. These images relate to the hardships of the Holocaust and of the events that occurred because they highlight the true impact the Holocaust has had on the people of Germany especially on the families of those who have perished. Jews experienced tremendous pain and only had a better chance of surviving if you had any knowledge in the field of construction or if you had the strength to carry out activities of labour. The image of Anne Franks house shows how careful Jews had to be and the extreme pain Jews had to experience to ensure they would have some chance of survival. 

Star of David. Jews were made to wear the yellow star so that they could be distinguished amongst the German citizens.
Street cars that were designed only for Jews. Demonstrates how much Jews were isolated from the rest of the world; unable to catch public transport with other Germans.
Jews suffered from racism and discrimination immensely because of who they were. They were disallowed to attend school with other Germans.
All shops that belonged to Jews were shut down and taken away from them as Hitlers hatred for Jews continued to grow.
This image shows how careful Jews had to be to avoid being caught the Nazi's and the precautions that had to be taken to survive WWII.
The deportation of Jews to the extermination camps. The Jews believed they were going to a place where they can start new lives.
Jews were forced to wear stripped pyjama's, there hair was shaved and they had to wear hats.
If a Jew had knowledge or had the power to perform labour were kept alive, so they could perform jobs of labour.
Impact of the Holocaust, many Jews lost their lives. The death of these Jews were always hidden. The soldier in the background has no empathy or sorrow for what he has taken part in.
The Nazi's buried the Jews in massive graves and usually set them alight.
This photo highlights the true impact the Holocaust had especially on the families of those who were killed during the Holocaust and events of World War II.
Holocaust Memorial Center commemorating the lives of all those who perished during the Holocaust.
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