Surreal dream: by Caine

I found this style of morphing together things to interest me. All of the art is of Thai culture. I believe the theme revolves around perspective, religion, & mythology. The pieces mostly depict creatures & humans. Many of them are mixed together with other animals. Some of these paintings appear to contain gods & mythology while the others seem more random, but most likely have a deeper meaning.

The Tiger seems to be in control of the woman. For perspective, there are plenty of things abnormal. For example the woman has a pipe for a face.
There is a battle taking place. It may be between gods. It looks like one side is “man” while the other is “nature”.This possibly shows mythology of Thai culture.
This piece seems to be about nature. There are humans with animal heads, as well as skeleton mixes in a natural setting. Perceptively You can see life & death between the living & the skeletons.
These elephant people are squeezing body tubes to create more life. I see this as perspective. The paint that comes out of the tubes morph into some sort of fairies.
A creature is painting while the other one is whispering & most likely lying to it. This is just perspective, as everything is abnormal, such as the bull tiger mix.
A couple of god-like figures are watching a deceased human paint. They seem to be mocking or amused by the painting. This more than likely represents mythical gods from Thai culture.
The painting shows a man riding a hippo-human-bug hybrid. I think this is just art & resembles perspective. There are animals & humans with wings, as well as a giraffe swimming in the ocean.
A man with a fish head rides a giant beast. There are mermaids swimming around him. I see this as mythology because of the mermaids. They are creatures spread throughout different cultures.
A woman, representing Mother Earth is drowning men & animals. Her hair is being used to stir the ocean. This shows gods & mythology. Mother Nature is a common fable found around the world.
There are various creatures & humans on the painting. Their actions are unclear. This piece shows perspective. On the bottom left there is a man rolling the painting towards the top.
Credits: All media
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