Random art work I like

Lilliam Santiago 

The first time I had seen this photo was during one of my cultural anthropology courses. I just loved this painting when I saw it. Here they are showing a technique famers use called "slash and burn" When I saw it in one of the galleries, I just knew I had to put it in my gallery. To me the main focus of this artwork is not the people working, but the girl in the middle of the painting. After zooming closer to her face I was able to take an in depth look, she looked so tired and sad. The contrast of color in this painting is also breath taking. It is all gray and gloomy around the girl, then right behind her there is this striking orange red color.
When I look at this painting I see so much movement. I can see the wind blowing her dress and her hair. It is so gorgeous. One of the things that really captured my interest was the shadows that is captured. You can feel the sun against their backs. It is so warm and inviting.It reminds me of when the weather changes from summer to fall.
This piece reminds me of my sister. It looks like something a royal would have hanging in their castel. It is so beautifully crafted. I could only imagine how long this took someone to make with all of the detail that is showcased here. It is so beautifully kept it original form.
This is another painting that has so much movement in it. I love history, not only does this show a battle from long ago, but also what they wore, how they fought, and how they died. From far away, it almost looks like a picture someone took. Once I had zoomed in, I notice all the attention to detailed the artist had put into it.
I am so amazed at all the detailed that is put into everything that people use to wear. Something as simple as a belt, someone spent so much time making so someone else could wear it. They were so glamorous. The attention to detail, the material they used to make it, and the tools that they had in order to craft it.
This painting just puts me at ease. The color pallet that Bierstadt used in his artwork is amazing. One could get lost in it. I feel like I am there in the west on a horse while the sun is setting. It looks so clean.
I could not believe that this was painted on a side of a train. I would love to commute in something as gorgeous as this. Its a little spooky, but reminds me of dia de los muertos. All the time that the artist took to paint this is something to be proud of.
When you first look at this painting it looks sad and dreary, but when you take a closer look you see a boy and his dog at the beach enjoying the winter day at the beach. Thats when this painting takes a turn into something special. A memory that everyone has who has ever owned a dog and taken them for a walk after being coped up for a long time.
There are only three colors that are used in this painting: black, grey, and red. Even though those are the only colors that were used, Hao was able to capture so much movement. It looks like he was able to freeze the horse mid stride.
Being a mother to a two year old, this painting made me sad. It is something every mother fears. Having to grab your child and make them feel safe, when you yourself are scared and do not know what is going to happen. One can see it in her face, while the child looks like she had no idea what is going on around her.
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