I have chosen the following pieces of art to convey a message of connectivity between Earth, ourselves, and time.  Time, being one of humans most precious resource, is repeated several times to emphasize its never ending movement forward. The final 2 pieces were chosen to express my beliefs of where time will take us, inevitably we will expire or move beyond.

The artist is trying to show harmony and connectivity. It illustrates perfectly our relationship with Earth.
The central clock I think dominates. The cog outer shape looks like both pieces would fit together in harmony. The fiber optic cables look like flowers from afar, or even fire or lightning up close.
The artist rendering of time, pain, patience and the earth are amazing. The eye clock, ticking away, weeping a flood. A message of unity again.
I believe Frida had a very sound grasp on life. The subject of Mr. Burbank, being a horticulturist and avid plant enthusiast, is befitting. All humans make this cycle, some of us unknowingly.
I am feeling a sense of spring to winter starting at the bottom and moving up, heavy on dreary seasons as more than half is bleak. The clocks position, atop all else, commands priority.
This is a scientific instrument. However is can be seen as a unity tieing time to the globe or Earth. This particular unit with a celestrial clock is quite ornate and a true treasure for its owner.
From birth to burial. The cycle is the same for everyone. History records thousands of years, yet we write these day by day, and a century at a time.
A stunning view of the little blue planet. She is frozen in time, immortal. This piece was selected because humans can, for the first time in our lineage, separate human and earth time.
Credits: All media
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