Christian Sculptures                          -Ermel vazquez


This artifact shows Adonis who's wounded is being mourned by Venus and cupids. As you view this sculpture you can understand the feel of the cupids and venus how they are trying to help Adonis. The form of the sheet that Venus is holding seem to be blowing slightly in the wind along with birds around. It has a nice Bronze finish.
The Risen Christ Sculpture was made by G. Lorenzo Bernini being commissioned by Pope Clement X. This piece of art has a great form to show the body structure of christ. As he waves in this sculpture you see the way his arm bends and the detail in the chest and stomach area is surreal. He also looks as if he is walking off the stone while waving to the people barely covered with some type of drapery.
This wonderful artifact consist of a story about the life of the virgin mary who gave birth to jesus and where then he dies on the cross and it shows her son jesus in her arms. This box has curved finishes and detail all round.
The life of christ from when he was born from Mary up until he goes through crucification after the betrayal of Judas and then resurrection. This wonderful finish is amazing because of the hedges on this artifact seeing that its able to be shut close. it took time for this to be sculpt.
Prudence is holding a snake on her arm and also has a mirror in her other. She gives the impression as if she was bout to look in the mirror and fix her self up. is good detail of the way her dress ruffles and theres a strap around it from under the left arm. the gold brings out the snake and the mirror and signifies that this sculpture has more of a meaning to it.
This is Thecla who was protected by angels and was put through different bad situations where she was to be killed or resulted into death she had their guidance to see through these obstacles with ability to live very long years. the bottom part is the two headed demon that tried to stop her but didn't succeed.
This piece was from the roman Byzantine time. They used to melt these heads down so that military would have guns and armor for battle. The gold on this horse head look as if it has a glitter look to it. This piece has a spike on its head to show battle form of the horse.
Tarcisius is a young boy who was beaten and stoned to death. For this sculpture theres an young boy with the emotion that he is sad and hurt along with the stones beside him implementing the ones thrown at him. from the eyes to the ears and mouth is all a replica of the human face structure.
The statue of Dionysus is an roman period sculpture. the christians of the byzantine period vandalized the facial feature and the genital area of him to preserve his beauty. He also has long hair to add on to the beauty. the realism on the body structure is to give a human like feel of the sculpture.
The last supper is an amazing sculpted piece and shows the Apostles having bread and wine before the crucification of christ. In this sculpture it shows People talking and somewhat enjoying their time with jesus along with the virgin mary.
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