The art of impressionism

There are 3 ships. It seems as if there's a lot of fog surrounding them. This painting is is dull but it has splashes of slight color. The sky contains a sort of mute pink. It's a beautiful painting.
A girl is in the middle of ballet dancing. The strokes of the brush are exquisite. The strokes at the bottom of her dress exemplify a sort of soft pattern. The artist captured the beauty of ballet and made it all the more wonderful.
The strokes on this painting are bold. It's a masterful piece because although they are big, you can really understand what's going on. Though it might not seem like it, it's very intricate.
The scene is of an angry sea. There are people enjoying the craziness. The rough scene has a delicate feel to it.
A man is helping a woman up a path. The way her dress is made is so gorgeous. The plants on the man's pants and the woman's dress is very realistic.
Credits: All media
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