The roman empire dates all the way back to 27 BC where two children named Romulus and Remus.They are brothers that grew from the care of a she wolf and then they were the ones who founded and created the Roman Empire but in the end Romulus killed Remus. Then from there on many great leaders and advances were made and that is how the Roman Empire grew and expanded for a long period and were one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. They all connect geographically because they all are from the same region which is Rome. They all connect chronologically because their events all happen during the reign of the Roman Empire and that some were built in the common era and were during the 1st and 2nd century. They all connect conceptually because there are great leaders and great advances from these pictures.

This is a bronze hand that belongs to a bronze statue that carried a two headed eagle that was identified with some Roman emperor or his relatives from dynasties of Juliuses-Claudiuses, Flaviuses or first Antoninuses. This was made in 4th century B. C. by an unknown artist. This is important because this hand was made in Lucentum and during that time when the Roman empire started it was a flourished city but then when the Roman empire weakened the city fell into the state of decay. Its purpose was for the bronze statue to show dignity and power from whoever it was. This connects to my theme because this was a leader who had power and dignity in Rome.
This bronze made head of a horse is just a original part of a more larger statue. This shows how the horse actually looked a long time ago. This was an imperial horse that were rode by military officials on horseback. The official that was on the statue of this bronze horse was a member of the imperial family. This statue was made of large amount of bronze. This was made in AD 40 and it is important because it shows how horses were and how they were used in that time. Who made this was just a roman artist who name is unknown. This was originally used to show how the horse looked and how it was used. This connects to my main theme because this helped the empire advance grow into a great empire. It speed things more and helped against enemies
This is a cameo portrait of emperor Claudius. The Emperor Claudius, who reigned the Roman empire from AD 41 to 54 and died aged 63. It was made from 43-5 AD. It was originally used to show how powerful and how strong he was during his reign. This is important because it tells us how great and how important Claudius was and the many things he did for the Roman Empire. This relates to the theme because he was one of the great leaders that the Empire knew.
This is the head of a regular roman nobleman who lived during the reign of the great roman empire. This is a high ranking roman official. This bust was not yet proven but believed to be Marc Anthony who is Cleopatra's lover. This is important because this bust might have been proven too be Marc Anthony the Roman Emperor who ruled after Julius Caesar. The author for this bust is Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund but the actual artist was unknown. This was originally used to present to others to show who it was and that they have dignity and were loved. This connects to my main theme because Marc Anthony was a great Roman emperor during his reign
These coins were used as currency for the Roman empire and the worth is actually 2,800$ dollars which is a lot of money. One side has the Colosseum and the other was side was a roman citizen. This was made by the Roman Empire for their currency. This was made between A.D. 80–81. This was originally used by the Romans as currency to buy stuff that they desire. This relates to my main theme because this was one of the greatest advances that they made.
This Portrait of Emperor Hadrian was made in the 2nd century A.D. Hadrian traveled widely, visiting most of the provinces during the twenty years which reign, and made buildings, aqueducts, and roads in many cities. Citizens responded to Hadrian’s generosity by making numerous statues in his honor, and after his death they revered him as a god. This is important because he was greatly admired by the his citizens. This relates to my theme because he was a great leader and emperor to Rome. This was original show how Hadrian looked and showed his dignity and power.
This roman woman was believed to be in her twenties. She was just a regular young Roman woman who lived during the reign of the Roman Empire. This was made in the Mid 2nd-late 4th century. This is important because this is a bust of a regular woman during the roman empire who did many things to server the Empire. This was originally used to show that this woman had importance and showed that she was powerful. This connects to my main theme because she was a strong woman who came from the creation of the roman empire made by Romulus and Remus.
This bust is a bust made by a man named Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi who was italian and he made the bust from between 1519-22 and Cleopatra was the wife of the great and powerful Julius Caesar who he saved her from her brother trying to kill her. This is important because she was married to one the of the most greatest emperors of Rome and this was originally used to be presented in museums to people of how she looked. This connects to my main theme because Cleopatra helped with one of the greatest leaders Rome has ever known.
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