A Walk Through The Jungle

By Rudyard Kipling    Docent by Peter Knight

Selected Epigraph "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal, I see a living being, I see a friend, I feel a soul." -A.D. Williams The reason I chose this quote is because it I totally agree with it. Also this quote matches up with how man and animals can a real relationship. It shows that animals have feelings too.
The universal theme of this book is man vs. scociety. the reason I chose this piece is because it shows a group of animals as a whole. Mowgli is constantly trying to figure out where he belongs in scociety. He is not a wolf, but a man, and the men treat him as a wolf. Does he belong with the aniimals as a whole?
The tone of this book is actually very calm and relaxed. Though there is conflict throughout, and many intense scenes, it is written in a way that does not feel too hyper. There is not too much build up also. Things happen and are explained. In this art piece the animals seem to be communicating to figure out the problem of plague. In the art there is a big problem, yet it is not too exagerated.
The time when this book takes place is never stated. It takes place during a fictional period of time. If it were in a real time in history the assumtion would be around the early times of India. The humans have guns but do not seem to have very devoloped villages. They also do not seem to be companions with any animals unlike what is pictured. This picture represents the love of a man and an animal.
In this book I have a text to world connection. Mowgli is constantly having trouble fitting in to the jungle and the human civilization. He has s ome of both in him so he cannot be accepted fully into one. This reminds me of when someone moves from another country to the U.S. They carry some of their old culture, but are trying to fit into a new one. I like to think that they are accepted into both easisly, but often that is not the case. In this picture it shows a combination of ideas rather than cultures. The traditional Egiptian art is not like this. The artist put a new spin on it.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F2LjvfzjH2OtCJx2Ho8jRj65Zlt4ABnZSjSQKDoJ81k/edit This represents a confused Mowgli. He doesn't know what to do many times in the story
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TZkUT6TshrXc7YtGuHJhuNrUQXRQiJX59iuCl52KdoA/edit Pictured is the first man. He appears to be a combination between man and monkey. This is like Mowgli because he was a combination of human appearence but wolf and animal personality.
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