Statement Of Color - santana davenport

This gallery is representing the use of color, contrast, patterns, and texture. The artist in this gallery use color to create bold statements in there painting.  

Kim’s painting of Lady makes the use of colors and texture. His use of shades and color contrasting gives depth to the painting. When looking at the painting it feels as if model is standing away from the wall. The colors of green, yellow, and red seems to electrify his subjects face as if she trying to hide.
In this, this painting, a man is conversation with his horse, when you look at the painting closely the horse appears to be looking directly at you. The use of line striations gives detail to the horses, showing off its muscular built and coarseness off it hair. The image of the man seems, as if the leaves above his head were feathered headdress, with a slim built.
This creation of nature is represented by flowers, as I examine the painting it seems, as if all the flowers are different. The artist discretely placed birds in his painting. The color of choice for this piece, makes the flowers stand out, while the birds seems to disappear in the break ground.
The artist, use of lines is what defines this piece; it gives it definition and contrast, as well as, depth, and color. The use, of brown for the bridge, with three figures walking across it. The green, yellow, brown, and blue colors is what created the landscape, orange and yellow, mixture for sky as if the sun was setting.
This abstract painting is full of color and patterns. It’s up to you and your imagination, as to what the artist painted. I imagine a road curving up a mountaintop, with an eye in the center looking down it thru the color spectrum of life. What is your imagine allowing you too see?
I call this painting Indian Spirits; this painting is full of Indian figures, some painted to stand out, and some painted in to blend in like shadows. The use, of a dark background, gives the light colored paint to jump off the canvas; I good only imagine how it would look under a black light.
A woman, sitting in her yard full of plastic jars, bowls, and pitcher. The artist, choices of colorfulness, helps to create a look like plastic. They way the white was used to indication the light hitting off the side of the plastic. The blue in the background makes it seem as if she has a view of the ocean through all the plastic.
The artist gave this piece a lot of texture through his use of paint and color. It’s a family of six, stand next to and angel in a field. He used of straight line to create the shape of the bodies and colored in their faces with purple. The figure on the left of the painting seems, to have wings painted in white.
This abstract is full of shapes and lines, which seems to create a sense of balance. The accented pops of yellow and orange, which helps make the purple stand out. This mostly paint with horizontal strokes with some vertical strokes add shape. This is a piece which, can be interpreted in many ways
Vincent van Gogh depicts a man and woman walking through the woods. The trees helped to bring dimension to his piece, making it seems as though they were walking form a distance. The lighting of the painting, gives it a feel of it being late, in the evening just before night sets in. The pops of yellow and white colors makes it look like, flowers blowing in the wind.
Credits: All media
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