Endangered World - Charles Kelly

Animals throughout the world are being brought to the brink of extinction. Man, since we were put on this earth has killed animals for food. This was fine until the trophy hunters and poachers found out there was much money to be made. The following is a few animals that are on the list.

This painting is a “Crouching Tiger” (as the title states) preparing to pounce on its prey. The color of the tiger blends well with the background. The horizontal line as the tiger is ready to pounce, flows to the left. The bushes and trees behind blend and flow together allowing the eye to concentrate on the main topic of the painting, the tiger.
This painting is of a lynx prowling through the trees and brush. The lynx have been on the endangered species list for many years due to poaching and habitat loss. The background is sparse in this painting. The colors are dull in the background, giving way to the main topic of the painting. The markings on the animal are rather detailed opposed to the rest of the painting. The painting flows toward the left, in the direction the lynx is moving.
The American buffalo pictured here are endangered due to high volume of hunting. The color focuses on the main topic and again is bland in the background. The animals in the background are distinct from the background moving in vertical and horizontal formations. Following the ones in the back your eyes are always drawn to the family in the foreground.
Whaling has brought all species of whales close to extension. The colors are red, signifying the loss of blood, even the whale in the background is spouting blood. The flow of the painting goes toward the whale, but as you move away the other animals, waiting for the kill to get a feast always draws you back.
This is a photograph of dolphins playing. The blur at the top shows quick movement whereas the bottom is more focused as the others swim by. The colors are dark in the ocean, giving way to the dolphins at play. The lines are horizontal from left to right as the dolphins move and play.
The wolf and fox are both endangers here. Here the wolf and fox are talking about prey with a man in the background trying to protect his flock and the run toward the rear of the painting. The painting consists of black, whites, and greys. The lines in the painting move in a North West diagonal direction as the town towers behind in the vertical axis.
Many species of snakes are close to extinction. Here is Adam and Eve with the serpent. This is a very vertical painting in black and white coloring. The serpent breaks the vertical being wrapped around the tree. There is confusion in the painting as the serpent speaks to Ada as eve from behind steals the forbidden fruit.
Numerous specious of both monkeys and turtles are on the list. Here with ink on silk, is a monkey on a rock as the small turtle comes up from the bottom. There are blurred lines as well as defining lines throughout the painting. The color is mostly black and white, unless you count the Japanese writing in the top left and also the eyes of the monkey as he draws you in to the focal point of the painting.
This is a skeleton of a mammoth, a long extinct elephant. Elephants are harvested for the ivory. Here we are drawn to the enormous tusks of the mammoth, standing tall, the color of bone. The lines are pretty much vertical even the tusks, though they are curved, move in a vertical upward direction.
This painting shows Noah’s Arc. Several animals are on the list in this painting. The animals are all in 2’s except for the horse in the center. The painting shows movement toward the viewer as if the animals will walk off the canvas. The colors are bright brilliant colors enhance all aspects of the painting.
This painting depicts Danial in the lion’s den. Looking up, Danial is thanking God for surviving the night. A few of the lions blend with the background of the cave whereas the others stand out but held in contrast to the red garb that flows behind Danial. The lines flow vertical in the painting as the wide shot to show how many lions Danial endured throughout the night.
It is almost time for hibernation for momma bear and her cubs. The colors allow the bears to stand out yet slightly blend with the background whereas the white of the tree almost glows. The vertical lines have an upward motion whereas the bears moving toward the left, have a more vertical motion.
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