Nature on Canvas

This small gallery depicts imagery of the outdoors in many different settings.  I tried to incorporate animals, water, sunlight, and forestry.  I also tried to add images that fit my theme but differed in color and style.  When we think of the outdoors it is easy to think about bright and vibrant scenes but I have incorporated a few darker paintings of nature as well.

In these scene we see a mountain peak of in the distance slightly covered by clouds and foreground scenery. The age of this print can be seen if you look close. You can see the point has started to crack.
Here we see two boats resting in the calm water. Stephen Koekkoek seems to be very meticulous with his color use. the brush strokes near the boats almost seem like water colors. This print also shows characteristics of the chiaroscuro painting technique with the sun reflection on the water.
This print illustrates lots of depth. It shows a sea tide coming in and a sunset peaking through a cloudy sky. There is also a lot of texture from using the impasto technique.
This piece illustrates a cliff with a sunset in the distance. Each brush stroke is clearly seen when looking at the technique used to create this piece. It definitely evokes impressionism style.
In this scene we see two capercaillies fighting. It seems to capture a small moment in the vast outdoors which gives this print an impressionism style.
This piece illustrates an alley in Luhacovice. I think this piece resembles a mix of impressionism and a little bit of abstraction. Many of the details are removed and the base colors of the scene remain
This piece shows a scene of the Hudson river through a small opening in the trees. I think this print shows influences from a mix of styles including, impressionism. A little Baroque and a little Renaissance.
This print features a stream flowing through a forest next to a mountain. The glowing sunlight coming from around the trees may be a metaphor time and the moments unknown. This print shows influences from impressionism like most outdoor prints. The sunlight is also a perfect example of chiaroscuro.
This print illustrates a mountain stream that seems to flow right towards you. It makes you feel like you are laying in the stream.
Credits: All media
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