Early American History

In this gallery, you will find different forms of artwork from the mid 1700's to the late 1800's from early US history. Although the United States of America is one of the youngest countries in the world, it has gathered a lot of history in its past 200+ years.

The object in the photo is a powder horn. Which would be used to reload a firearm. The horn is beautifully crafted and has a depiction of a village on the bottom, probably the village the owner was from.
In this painting it shows a portrait of President George Washington. The portrait seems to have an issue with proportion. George Washington's head in the portrait seems much smaller than his torso in the painting.
In this painting it depicts the death of British officer James Wolfe during the seven years war. The artist shows the death with a separation of the painting by the clouds, which is darker on the side he is falling on than the other side.
In this painting, the artist is depicting the leaving of an officer from Fort Mackay. Based on the time period it probably is sometime during or after the war of 1812.
In this painting, the artist depicts the Steamer Clermont going through a river in a triumphant manner and others cheering for this new advancement in technology.
Washington crossing the Delaware was a big turning point during the Revolutionary war. Many don't know that the painting does not depict the actual events and that it was made many years after the event
This photo shows President Lincoln at a military command area during the American Civil War. The other two gentlemen in the photo look much shorter than Lincoln which could be the actual size of the men or can be the power that Lincoln has over them.
In this painting, the artist is depicting the events of order no.11 which was Union army order to relocate in some counties in Missouri. You can see the dread of the land owners who seem to have lost two of their own for possibly refusing the order the first time.
In this painting, the artist is depicting a Native American who is crossing paths with settlers possibly heading west. The piece is called "The Unwelcome Guests" which could either based on the Native American or the settlers. Based on the time period, it probably is the Native.
This painting seems to the artists interpretation of the underground railroad. It shows several people who seem to have worked to get slaves through the underground railroad in the dead of winter.
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