Betrayed in One Night            Selena Flowers

My art gallery, Betrayed in One Night, consists of the theme heart break. Throughout the gallery you will find pieces of work that are broken, represent betrayal, and fragility. The visual theme inspiration is both texture and color. The subject based theme inspiration is love and betrayal. I went towards pieces that were made up of easily broken material and colors associated with love and sadness to represent the heart and how fragile and easily broken it is when betrayed.  

This work depicts a man who is clearly hurt, sad, and distraught from turning his back on and saying farewell to someone/something. It represents sadness, red, and pain which visually and emotionally reflects my theme.
This work depicts a drawing of a sad man and some of the tools used to create him. This picture consists of sadness, which is supported by the color blue, which gives an idea of what my theme is all about.
This picture depicts Christ being betrayed. The general theme of my gallery is betrayal. This is a perfect representation of being betrayed by the people you would least expect.
This picture, as well, depicts Christ being betrayed. On Christ's face you can see the sadness from being betrayed by the people he has helped and loved, which makes this is a great representation.
This is a model of a human heart. The heart is the universal symbol for love which is my themes main inspiration. Due to the material it is made out of, it is fragile and easily broken.
This sculpture is a representation of the heart. It looks fragile and because my theme is inspired by love and the heart is the universal symbol for love, this is a perfect representation.
This image is a heart made of flowers forming the phrase, 'I love you.' The fact that flowers are fragile and eventually die, visually represent my theme of love and how it doesn't last forever.
This sculpture, to me, depicts a flower. It visually represents my theme through the color red. Representing love and the heart and the fact that it's glass and easily broken. As well as a fragile flower.
This painting depicts a woman about to drink from what the title says is the 'Loving Cup.' The color red, which is associated with love and the heart, makes this a visual representation of my theme.
To me, this picture depicts a woman trying to bring beauty and love into her dull colorless life. In this piece, the color red as well as drawings associated with the heart are visuals of my theme.
Credits: All media
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