Get a new perspective (linear)

You can see the use of linear perspective on the buildings. He also made the water and roads have linear perspective. The water and roads have a bit of curve to them to make them more realistic.
This is more of an abstract way to use linear perspective. The front building all seem to go to one point, but the buildings further back go to a different vanishing point, which gives it curves.
I like how this painting has multiple perspectives. The main painting has a perspective at about eye level. The top painting has a higher perspective, to make it more realistic when looking up at it.
The linear perspective gives this painting a lot of depth. It makes it look like it is going to go forever. The back is also faded a bit to add to the effect.
I liked how Genaro used linear perspective for the interior of a building instead of the outside. All of the paintings and statues follow this perspective. Even the small things like the hallway have it.
The linear perspective makes this painting very realistic. The people seem to be walking through the painting. The building on the left is offset a bit to give it even more realism and opens up the painting.
You can see the linear perspective very easily here. The telephone lines give it away, marking the perspective as they run through the painting. The water also has the perspective, but is jagged to make it more realistic.
I like how they changed up the perspective. The vanishing point on this painting is behind our field of view. The buildings are closer together, then move further away in the painting.
You can clearly see linear perspective at work here. The buildings are almost all aligned. The buildings further back on the left are curved to go with the flow of the river. The reflection also has this perspective.
Here is linear perspective used for the interior of a church. Even the small things like the shadows have linear perspective. This makes the painting very real.
This painting almost seems like a picture with linear perspective. The people get smaller the further they are in the painting. All of the walls and designs also follow this perspective. The lines on the floor easily map out the perspective too.
This picture from nature has linear perspective. The trees get smaller the further back. The river does the same. I find it awesome when I find a tool we use as artists in nature.
Canaletto used linear perspective very nicely. The side buildings and roads are going to the vanishing point. There are more buildings that go sideways and cut off the vanishing point.
I like the use of linear perspective here. There is only one building, so its hard to see it in use there. The linear perspective in the railings though are clearly visible.
I feel like this is the basics of linear perspective. I'm not taking anything away from the piece, it is still amazing. The road and trees follow the perspective.
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