Anna Discovering Media

The artworks I chose have a purpose for being here together, I feel as if all of these are open to many forms of interpretation. Reason being for me being so drawn to such a form of artwork is because I feel that a lot of art is connection, emotion, and imagination. Here with the simplicity of shapes, of colors vibrant and bland, unknown faces left for emotional interpretation; all there for many forms of interpretation that varies from each individual person. This is my gallery and you can make it anything you want it to be.

Art is immortal, and I think having galleries and museums online really can extend the life of artwork so that it can be interpreted and enjoyed by others for centuries without worry of any paintings or sculptures would be destroyed by time or mankind.

Although, challenges that arise with such new technology. For example, the individualism of each painting dissipates considerably when thrown up on a screen surrounded by 20 other paintings. In galleries each peace has its own section and stand, but here you can see multiple on one page, destroying the purpose of exhibits.

Credits: All media
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