Fierce and mild

This gallery consists of a combination of artworks both chaotic and peaceful. They either portray violent battles or a beautiful landscape. Lounging animals, still lifes, and portraits are included in this ensemble. An overall mixture of fierce and mild is what this display presents. 

In this piece there seems to be a battle ensuing. It appears to be a classical painting because of the use of primary colors.
This is a classical portrait based on the primary colors and the center of attention being a person. The description shows that it is a student and she has a pencil in her hand.
There appears to be a spartan warrior as the center of attention based on the helmet on the ground and his red cape.
I like that the sisters are hugging each other and showing their affection but only one shows her face which makes it seem as if she is more outgoing than her sister. The colors are dark and warm.
This painting depicts a man choking another man and other men fearfully watching and a woman sitting in a chair appearing docile. Based on the description, the man being choked is a tailor who messed up the woman's dress and man is angrily harassing the tailor.
The painting depicts a man on the ground starving. The description says that the staving man is Elijah and ravens the lord sent ravens to feed him.
The painting displays a mother lovingly watching her child and the baby appears to be sleeping. The colors are dark and muted with the main focus being the mother and child.
I like this painting because the mother and smaller child are mainly focusing on the goldfish bowl while the one older child is staring at the audience as if she can see us.The use of primary colors tell me that it is a classical portrait of the family.
This is a self portrait of Morse and he uses dull colors. The fact that he painted himself painting is amusing.
In this painting Rembrandt Peale painted his brother Rubens Peale, who was a botanist. His brother and the Geranium are both painted lovingly and that is why this portrait can be considered a double portrait.
This painting captures a beautiful seen by the water and the people are having a get together. The fact that the people are so small compared to the nature around them seems to emphasize how much bigger nature is than them.
In this still life the freshness of the watermelon is captured in the way it is cut so primitively as if it were too natural to care. What I like about this painting is the fact that there are seeds and juice spilled on the table and the overall messy look that adds to the depth of the painting.
George Washington is surveying Yorktown with his generals and it appears they are planning something important. This painting seemed interesting to me because the main focus is on Washington and it presents him as the leader clearly because of how and where he is standing.
Appreciation for nature is what appears to be the case here because of the way civilization appears so small. Based on the muted colors and the warm tones this painting might be a Romantic painting.
Again this painting seems to be a Romantic painting. The people are so tiny compared to the trees, lake, and mountains.
The swampy Virginia landscape is full of muddy greens and has what appears to be a puny boat in the background but the main focus is the nature. I like that by looking at the painting I can feel the humidity in that swamp.
This painting mainly consists of greens and yellows as if to emphasize the botany. There is a peaceful feeling when I look at this painting.
The bright colors make the painting vivid and lively. Audubon captured the movement of the Jaguar perfectly.
This is a scientific observation of the Canis fulvus but it still appears as if it is art because of the detail and color. The viciousness of the animal is very real.
The giant buffalo are peacefully lounging on the grass. The eyes of the lethargic bison are surprisingly alert as if watching for predators or prey.
The graceful Flamingoes are carrying on withe life. The vibrant pink of the tall flamingo is what makes me assume it is the main subject of the painting.
This statue is a rendering of Diana who is a Roman Goddess. Her stance is graceful but threatening.
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