The Sound of Paint

This is an art gallery containing pieces that attempt to capture the feeling and texture of sound and instruments in paint - music that can be seen and subconsciously heard.

I chose this piece because of how vibrant and grand the scene is. You can see reds shooting from the orb of music. This passes on the feeling that the music is powerful and dynamic.
This piece was unique. I feel like it captures a different concept than most do with music. The fact that guitar blends in with the objects around it, guitars do the same in music.
This is truly a feeling painting. Even though the world and scenery are so large, there is this intimate moment going on at the bottom beside a rotting tree. A perfect capture of what music means.
I loved this picture because it captures the movement of a drummer so well. With certain drummers it's truly like they have octopus arms. This painting reminds me of this.
I really enjoy the Island feel of this picture. The way that there are dark clouds in the background makes you feel like this small bright area is an oasis. I hear very peaceful yet foreboding music.
This really gives me a sense of electronic music. There is always so much going on, and you can almost imagine these little faces doing a Skrillex synthetic vocal line.
The music I hear in this piece is very cultural. There is a very positive vibe in this picture, along with a sense of closeness and family. Therefore, I hear music that is not perfect, yet perfect.
This reminds me of a youtube sensation "Old Gregg." I can hear a sad, somber, request for company in this cave. I can also hear untuned piano notes, but suits the dark feeling of only piano.
Most would immediately obtain a sense of oriental music from this piece, but the vibe really comes from the movement of drawings on the wall. This gives the sense of an upbeat song inspiring dance.
The style of sheet music gives you an immediate sense of the classical nature. The amount of notes gives you a hint at the movement. Therefore, I like to imagine a nice old Irish Jig on the violin.
Credits: All media
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