Vivian26A- Line Art

These 5 photos are pieces of art with line and art that have lines that are not so noticeable.

These lines are really curved and the only straight line is the line from the bridge. It looks like it was painted on a canvas with painting oil. It also looks like it's layered. It looks like no rulers haven't been used and it looks as if it's a perspective piece of art- the stuff in the back are smaller and as you get more to the front it gets bigger and wider.
The lines are not straight because it's nature and it's not supposed to be straight. It also has curved lines and the lines go all over the place. Finally, I like how it doesn't have so much colour but the background colour helps us see the lines easily.
I like how the lines are invisible and it looks really organized. It looks like they used a ruler to separate the lines.
I like how only the man made things have straight lines and nature has curved lines. The lines are very thin and it looks as if it's a photo that has been taken.
This a very nice scenery. The line work is very nice. There are a lot of curved lines and the lines are very smooth. Finally, I like the fact that the only thing that is straight is the house.
Credits: All media
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