The theme I chose is color. The color I chose is blue it represents trust, honesty, and loyalty. I named this Contagious because the art paintings I have chosen are emotional feelings and hopefully to inspire others .There's a lot of buildings in different cities because throughout my whole life I've moved to cities to cities a lot. These painting pretty much sums up my life. I tried to tell a story by placing the painting in order but I hope you enjoy it. By: Daniel Oviedo  

In this painting, it represents a person working really hard of what he loves doing and that is working with cars. The color of his shirt is blue and blue represents passion and loyalty. I chose this painting because it shows a lot of meaning to it. The tools, car and all the other subjects around it.
In this painting, it represents a lot of moment. There is a lot of objects moving in this painting such as cars, trucks, and people. I really love how the sky is not one color. The different colors in the sky make it seem that there's a lot of confusion going on, They used very powerful colors. I love how the right side of the painting is very bright and while it progresses it starts to get darker towards the right side of the painting.
In this painting, it represents the dark side. It shows fear of being scared of something. The structure of the face looks like a mask that can be worn on your face. It shows by wearing this mask it covers up your insecurities of something you fear The color red represents danger, the color yellow represents the happy side and the colors blue, green represents growth and trust.
In this painting, it represents a lot traveling, and the building is shaped like a house but at the time, their shape as different things, such as some are shaped like a boat and other ones are shaped as a bus. The color yellow represents cheerfulness and fun. Green represents energy and growth. Blue represents living and work spaces.
In this painting, the color blue represents calm, relaxing, and peaceful. The clouds seem that they're moving very quickly. Also, the waves in the water show that there is a light breeze in the air.
In this painting, it represents the movement of the wind, the water waves, and palm trees rocking back and fourth. The color blue represent the atmosphere of the ocean. Green and brown flows right into the whole theme of being calm and relaxing. The texture makes me feel that I;m actually at a beach.
In this painting, it represents movement The movement of the clouds and how the water reflects off the sky. The waves make everything have a movement motion. Also, the person that is walking towards the ocean represents the movement. The color blue represents the atmosphere of the ocean. The texture is so beautiful. The clouds, rocks, shadows, and the sky.
In this painting, it represents texture and movement. The bright colors and the movement of the background make this portrait stand out. His face structure and the lines in the background is detailed.
In this painting, the flowers represent love and passion. The door in the background seems to have an opening to a romantic world. The colors are powerful and show happiness throughout the painting
In this painting, it represents a movement. The rising waves bursting out of the water. The people looking up towards the waves makes the waves even bigger what it even seems. The trees in the top right show a lot of movement as well.
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