The following pieces of art are a collection of Georgia O'Keefe's. O'Keefe was famous for painting flowers up close and painting the things most people would over look. Some of O'Keefe's paintings of flowers look sensual and could be mistaken for a vagina; she did this because people thought they were ugly and she thought they were beautiful so she painted them into something beautiful. I admire nature so her paintings are my favorite. 

I chose this painting because Georgia O'Keeffe favored black irises because they were a rare flower. She could only get them in certain times of the season.This is an up close portrait of a black iris.
This painting is a beautiful up-close view of a white rose. I chose this because when you look at a flower you usually don't focus on it up close.
I chose this painting because it is an example of one of her paintings that could be mistaken as something sensual before you realize that it's trees.
I chose this painting because even though you see a tulip, it actually represents a rib and a jawbone.
I chose this painting because of all of the detail: the deep green stem, the flower falling over the side of the vase, she even included the shadow of the vase in the background.
I chose this painting of the lily because to me the pure white of the flower represents purity. The plainness of the flower is what makes it beautiful.
I chose this painting because although it is very simple, not many of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings are not up close and portray an actual flower.
I chose this picture for my gallery because it was unique considering it could be seen as birds or a plant.
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