I chose this painting because it shows the early sense of prespective in paintings
This one looks a lot like the Virgin and child painting but with better perspective and color
I chose this painting because it was quit a different one for it's time. It shows two men fighting. Done with least perspective.
I chose this because this shows a royal Indian marriage. the pattern of colors seems like it is done by a Rajput artist
I one stood out to me. With its round shaped canvas and use of color. It shows people Ice skating on a frozen river. In the background it looks like they had windmills in 1620s?
I chose this because this is one of the single point perspective made in the 1650s.
This one stood out to me with it's indoor road-like directions pointing to a room. This seems to be some kind of a hospital.
This seems to be a castle in the 15th century. The women and men are standing on different sides. Also is a single point perspective painting.
Again a single point painting. But, with better shadows and details. looks very realistic. The buildings look german though it's in Vienna.
One of my favorites. This shows a simple garden entrance to a house. I love the way artist used the brush strokes and colors.
Another 1750s paintings. Shows striking resemblance to the one before with all the details and shadows.
This paintings, Showed in class. Is my favorite. It looks very realistic with it's use of perspective, lighting and color.
This painting seems confusing. It's a ceiling decoration work. Shows a baby cycling around probably in and out of water. Seems very strange
A 1950s painting. probably done by a young child who was affected by the death of someone close to him/her.
One of the pieces of modern art. they have no perspective. Shows how style of paintings has changed over time.