Cm & VvG. 2

Hazy silhouette barley visible in the background. This is an example of an oil on canvas. Has different shades of blue and white.
This shows an extremely decorative example of his still lives during this period. It also exudes a Japanese sensibility.
I like this painting because it is very realistic. Especially the sky. The white and blue different shades of blue and the white a cold white.
Under a blue-grey sky, captures the scene under a morning sum or the chilling effect of an icy mist. Broad brushstrokes which appear to have been laid in quickly.
This has a nocturnal sky. The city gas lights glimmer an intense orange reflection onto the water.
This is a popular painting by van Gogh. It looks spooky but interesting at the same time.Shows a Wheat field well detailed under a dark sky
In this painting he uses strong, contrasting colors. He also expresses emotions.
This still life shows light colors blending just in the right place. The artist also has a shadow for the object.
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