focus on gothic sculpture

Week 5 Summative Assignment

This piece is said to be modeled after the Notre Dame cathedral in France and reveals many typical aspects of Gothic architecture and sculpture. The church is filled with light cascading into the space. Pieces larger than but like the Virgin and Child could be featured on columns and arches throughout the church.
Another French artist depicting a transition from a Romanesque style (round forms on top) to a Gothic style of architecture (into pointed arches below. Room depicts many old testament happenings
Another French Gothic sculpture piece. Typical of this period are the elongated figures of spiritual figures (Virgin Mary, Jesus, Saints, etc.)that emphasize a weightless, airy, heavenly character
During the medieval times, individuals were exposed to these pieces of art often in what was part of a church or cathedral's architecture. Pictured here is a famous gargoyle of the Notre Dame cathedral.
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