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Crazy or Cool Hair Day

A) She has nice ribbons and a necklace proving she tries to look nice and is not just someone from the street. B) The background is a plain black backdrop there because she wants people to focus on her. This helps you know that the lady in the picture know she's pretty and wants the viewer to know it to. It's important because the viewer should be able to focus on the most important element easily. C) She wants you to know that she is beautiful but simple and shows this by dressing pretty but simple with a simple background. D) This is Melanie, she is a home mom. She is a calm and caring person who is the opposite of violent and strong. She cares about children and I know this by the non aggressive look she has in the painting.
A) The red lavish clothing tells you that she is rich and has a sense of style. B) The background is nice and simple because the lady in the painting wants you to focus on her. C) The painter wants the viewer to know and think of her as a rich and caring person. I know this because of her red outfit made of nice material and the flowers she's holding with such care. D) Her name is Mary Anne and she is an educator. I think this because of the calm, caring and understanding look she's giving the flower and imagine what that look might be if she saw children everyday. She cares about kids and things lights and pretty.
A) The clothing includes a hint of gold and red and is a dress/blouse made of nice quality material. This tells us she is well respected. B) The background is a plain black backdrop. Therefore, it was wanted that the girl in the painting be the main piece and be what the viewer is focusing on. This can be important because it tells us that the subject knows she's pretty and wants us to know that to. C) The artist wants the viewer to pay attention to the beauty of the subject's hair and the uniquness of it. I know this because for just hair, it takes up a good portion of the portrait. D) This is Cassandra. Cassandra looks like a tailor to me. I figure this because of the beautiful outfit she's wearing with the rope like "collar" and nice material. She seems to have a graceful yet straight personality. She seems like someone who would walk gracefully down stairs but doesn't laugh or smile at everything. She likes and cares about exactness and perfection.
A) The clothing is richy red, with beautiful jewelry and an amazing peacock collar. She is rich and expected to be proper. B) The background is a plain black making the subject and painter wanting the viewer to pay attention to the woman and her outfit and hair. We know that the subject wants the viewer to understand how rich she is and this is important because it tells us about her rich personality. C) The painter wants the viewer to respect how rich and well known this woman is. He wants you to feel her presents and to be absorbed in the beautiful hair style and clothes. D) This is Amanda. She is a noble, very high up in society. She is educated and very smart. I can tell by the seriously smart look on her face. She likes and cares about looking sophisticated and being smart.
A) The clothing is very sheek telling the viewer that the subject is sheek with a sheek personality. B) The background is just a simple black back drop with a hint of red adding character to the painting. This can tell us that the woman is a person with a lot of character and is important because it may describe her daily actions. C) The artist wants the viewer to feel like they are looking at a sheek person who expects professionals and has a low temper. By the expression on her face it looks as if her temper is always low and she was recently disgusted by someone or something. D) This is Dorothy. She lives in the high end of town and is a good business woman. I can tell she is very sheek, serious and expects professionals to be in front of her all by the look on her face. She likes bargaining and cares about keeping her straight face.
A) She is wearing a redish orange top with an interesting hair do. Her interesting outfit symbolizes an interesting personality. B) The background is a plain black, making the subject the main part of the piece. The plain black may tell us that the subject is a plain, not fancy person. It is important to understand the background of the subject to understand the entire painting. C) The artist wants the viewer to know that there is a little bit of pain in the subject's life. I draw this conclusion by the sad and blue look in her face and slumped shoulders as well as how the painter used a lot of color and emphasis in the face and shoulders. D) This is Heather. She is the daughter of an average family but something has caused her pain. She wants a smile on her face and cares about fairness. Her eyes look as if they're saying, "Don't cheat, be fair."
A) She is wearing a red and gold dress with lot's of jewelry and a royal hair do. This makes me think she's rich, royal and respected. B) The background has pillars and a red carpet. This tells us she lives in a royal place, like a castle. This is important because it tells us who the subject is. C) The painter wants you to notice every part of how rich and respected she is. For example, who neatly done the hair is. D) This is Diana. She is a caring person which I assume from the look on her face. She is a royal person who cares about ruling, looking good and being a good role model.
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