A Wonderful Spectrum

I admire the use of shapes with different shades of the same colors to create a nice background and the fact that that seems to give dimension to the bird in the piece.
This piece uses color to get a point across. There is a bright and beautiful blue sky over the farmlands, but a smoky, clouded shy over the industrialized city because of pollution.
The individual shapes and their colors complement each other very well and I really get a warm sunset feeling from looking at this piece.
I like this piece because it makes me want to fill in mentally what I see as missing colors with what I think should be in their places.
I like the way the different strokes of color are used in this. In it, I can picture either waves or curved mountains from the strokes of white and teal.
I find this piece interesting because of the lack of color in some areas and the one solid color used on the entire.
The shades of blue of the water in this piece are calming and make me picture feeling a cool breeze pass me while sitting on a beach near water.
This piece is interesting to me because it makes me wonder what the feelings of the woman in the picture are and what her eyes are looking at.
My eyes were drawn to the rooster and his bright colors in the piece first, then the towering, dark figures crowding around it.
I feel like this piece shows, from someone’s perspective, who the good were and who the bad were in the battle. The bad being those in the boats over the dark water invading the golden land.
The interesting thing in this piece to me was the use of colors on things that they wouldn't be naturally on in reality, like the pink grass for example.
The darkness of the forest with the two people meeting suggested to me that they are meeting in secret and hiding whatever relationship they have from people they know.
I like the simplicity the figures in this piece and that they all have the common feature, the hat, as the focus. I also wonder if the two women with matching clothes are relatives.
Some of this piece seemed hard to make out to me, but I can definitely see the large dark smoke cloud over the cold ocean that suggests a ship was bombed.
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