Inspired by The sea & Coast

The gallery is filled with landscapes of the coastal environment from all areas of the world. Some of these artworks age back to the 1700's. The Inspired by the Sea and Coast gallery gives the audience a chance to view the different aspects of the coast and beaches, also for them to feel the different emotions the various artworks give off. Through this gallery the artworks follow the theme of coasts and beaches. I created this gallery as I love the beach and everything it has to offer including the gently waves that lapping up against the rocks. Although there are dark days seen at the beach created with dark skies and violent waves but also moments captured that radiate sunshine and calm wave. Whilst looking through the gallery you are able to gain different perspectives of the coastal region in the different shots captured. Various colours have been used throughout the artworks, highlighting the different emotions associated with the photo. The use of darker colours such as greys, dark blues etc. relay the emotions of uncertainty and often coldness throughout the images. In contrast the use of lighter and warmer colours e.g. light blues, yellows, sets a tone of calmness and happiness. Each image taken by the different artists/photographer’s highlights the beauty and also the dangers that the ocean world has to offer and how they impact us and our perspective on the beaches surrounding us.

What’s your favourite personality of the ocean? 

Structural Frame: realistic, rough, texture - organic shapes - soft and warm secondary and tertiary colours.
Subjective Frame: experience in life, feelings - personal issues - emotions; fear
Cultural Frame: society, community lives off the shore- Placed locally
Postmodern Frame: Art of the twentieth century
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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