civil rights movement

The student nonviolent coordinating committee was a group created by younger civil rights activists. As students they fought for desegregation in public transportation and voting.
This photograph depicts a march protesting the Birmingham Bombing. The bomb went off Sunday morning before a church service.
This picture shows a march on Washington, D.C. They were protesting segregated education.
These students are protesting against segregated schools. They protested peacefully.
This picture was taken at a civil rights march. It shows how many people were supporting the civil rights movement.
This lady was protesting against a store. Because they were prejudice against black people, she was telling people not to bring business to the store.
This is another picture from a Washington march. They were protesting for voting rights and desegregated schools.
This is a picture of people marching on Washington. They were fighting for equal job opportunities.
This yet again shows the March on Washington. This picture shows that tons of people marched that day.
This is a picture from the bombing protests. It shows the diversity of people who were involved in the march.
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