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There is an obvious political influence in the work of Banksy, an anonymous British artist, filmmaker, and activist. Despite his anonymity, he was listed as one of Time magazines 100 most influential people.This award is well deserved, considering the impact it has whether it is on canvas, a strategically chosen wall, or as a sculpture.His work usually pushes an issue and believe that his graffiti work is some of his best. It is also the most accessible to the public, making it a vital part of activism.

Banksy used a stencil to create a powerful image that does not give an exact political agenda, but it is obvious that there is one within the image.
Banksy used a stencil to make it appear as if the artist was Painting the graffiti that had already been on the wall. This stresses that graffiti is a form of art,and should not be illegal.
This image by Banksy actually includes his name. It still holds the same stencil style, but the image is of a teddy bear about to throw a flaming bottle at the police, who are in attire for a riot.
Again Banksy used his stencil style, but in this one there is an obvious homosexual agenda. The image shows two male police officers kissing.
This stencil-painted image depicts a police officer looking for something with a flashlight. Banksy likes to depict police officers in his graffiti.
Banksy enjoys adding to what already hs been placed on the walls. Here he added a mouse in his usual stencil style to an interesting phrase. This piece stresses that graffiti is harmless.
Here is yet another stencil piece by Banksy. The two children are pledging allegiance to a Tesco plastic bag.
This stencil piece brings about a very serious topic: for closure of someone's home. A child can be seen looking sadly at their once bright and happy house.
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