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Children Adoption 

This picture is a woman with no arms carrying a baby. This woman is courageous because she still raises her baby and the baby looks happy with his mom. One of the common reason for baby dumping is disable parents
This boy is a son of a loyal family. He is a prince but does not look happy. Even if this boy can buy the world with his loyal bloodline he will never be content if he does not receive parental love.
This woman looks frightened as if someone is going to take away her baby. In the 1970's 65% white women placed their children for adoption
This picture seems like as if the older sibling is jealous of the baby who seems to be getting all the attention from the mother. I think the girl is jealous because she knows that the baby is found.
This art shows that this young boy seems to have lost his brother who raised him because of human rights issues and social justice issue. The boy drew all he remembers of his brother to find him.
53% of children in orphanage have anxiety and depression disorders compared to children raised by their parents. This teenager is struggling with her depression because took her in as their own.
This baby is abandoned and dreaming of that one day someone will take him and put him in this nice chair. Every 2 seconds, a child becomes a orphan.
As a baby, since no one took care of her, she had to mature at a very young age to take care of her own self. This grown lady is fully matured physically but this picture shows that she's still a baby
This teen mom is ashamed that she is a teen mom and is trying to make her self look less visible. In 2014, a total of 273,105 babies were born from teen moms.
This picture shows an old man deciding whether he should take the baby from the street or not. This man looks infuriated by whoever left the baby there.
This picture shows of a mother being sick from giving birth to her baby. The man is about to send them to orphanage. 289,000 women died of childbirth in 2013 in the U.S.
This picture shows of a woman not giving up on her child even though she is poor.Bad parenting skills, a lack of housing, lack of financial resources are the key reasons parents abandon children.
Children raised in orphanages are more likely 10 times to be involved in prostitution, 40 more likely times to have a criminal record and 500 times to commit suicide than the children with family.
In the U.S approximately 20 babies are abandoned in the first 24 hours of their life. Many babies die from abandonment. This art is an angel taking the babies to haven so that they can live happily.
I chose this picture because this art shows a definition of a true family. It makes me feel welcomed as if I can share my day. I believe that every children in this world should be like them.
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