shows great texture and understanding of dimensions and shapes, artist is trying to trick your mind
I enjoyed the simplicity of this piece. I believed that it means the there is an oasis is every desert as the border represents sand and the blue is the water
This piece reminded me of a map which is why I like it. I feel the artist is trying to depict the future in that the world is going to split up into smaller and smaller groups as we progress as a race
The 3D imagery is why I liked this painting. I dont know what it means because there is absolutely no way of telling duh
i liked the abstractness of the angel in the piece. it is very abstract and hard to decifer.
this caught my eye because of the magestic stallions roaming around free. this piece shows the beauty of wild animals when they are not under the control of man
this image popped out at me because i wasnt sure if i was painted to look 3d or was actually tectured to be 3d.
This imagery shows a cool point of view. I believe it means that the person is overlooking the city and taking in the architecture.
This modern art piece caught my eye because of its simplicity. It means that the person is alone and lost in a big world where he does not know where to go.
This image shows an internal struggle within the artist. It means that he is being dragged down by something in his life
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