Renaissance's beauties

By: Isabella Banos & Skylar Schaft

This is the perfect example of Renaissance art. Notice how realistic the clothes are draped around her body like it was taken as a picture.
These men are hard at work as you can tell by the strain of the muscles structure. Notice how the birds at the top of the picture are flying across the canvas as if the where about to jump out of the picture.
Notice how the table cloth is draping as if it was a picture. Look at the clothes they are wearing see how the creases are, so life like.
See how the folds of the legs are, so realistic as if the cloth is attached to the leg. Notice they're facial expressions look.
See how the muscles bend as his arm is flexing. Notice the drapes are folded as if he was real.
Notice the town in the back how it looks as if it was a picture. See the boards and the rocks as if it was truly brunt or broken.
See how the man is thrown as if he was really thrown across the canvas. See how it drapes are flowing through the wind.
Notice the horses muscles are flexing as if it was life or death. Look at the deatiled knights armor like it was straight out of the picture.
See how it looks as if they were really flying across the sky. Look at how the creatures are sticking their weapons into Saint Anthony.
Notice the dark character in the right hand corner of the painting. See how he is almost floating on the painting as if he could jump off the canvas.
Credits: All media
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