Sian's Gallery

Like how the painting has a gritty film look to it.
There's a dark ominous mood to this piece.
I like the many different personalities in this piece.
Thought the technique used to create the fullness of the dresses was done well.
Like the use of layered colour and texture.
Liked the way the painting gives off the vibe of a breezy calmness.
Reminded me of New Yorker cover art. Like how the colours play off each other and standout.
I like the simplistic beauty of this painting.
Liked the humor in this piece.
Like how the sister in the background gives the illusion of a ghost.
Like how at first you don't notice the human face on the moth, because of the same colour palette throughout the piece.
Like how the fog rolling in makes it seem like there are two images merging.
Reminded me of a scene from the movie Fantasia 2000.
Love the use of colour.
Thought achieving this perspective at a mural size was impressive. Also with the use of a felt tip pen.