Realistic art

Natalie Zapata and Lilly Shires

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest minds in the renaissance era. This painting shows realistic features such as, their clothes and the size of the room.
This Titan painting shows a very detailed background. The hair on the woman are very life-like.
This painting by Raphael shows refection in the water. It shows how the city is greatly detailed even in the distance.
The painting by Raffaello Sanzio shows how the tablecloth looks how it is being pulled. The chair looks as if its been carved out of wood.
This painting by Michelangelo Buonaroti looks like it can jump out at you. The shadow gives the painting a feeling that its hanging on a wall.
this sculpture looks like his arm is really flexing. The muscles in his stomach shows great detail.
This painting by Albrecht Durer Durer has many bright colors throughout the painting. It shows great detail in the wooden posts and barrels.
This painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti shows dimension in the weeds and branches on the rocks. Also, the water has great detail showing us which way the tide was moving.
The painting shown by Raphael shows movement in the horses legs and front legs. Including, the shadows in the painting show where the horse was leaning to move.
This painting by Titan shows which trees were close up and which ones were farther back. You can also tell where the people are planning to step next and attack.
Credits: All media
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