Waters of maine

This exhibit by Taylor Marcotte features the many waters of Maine. Wherever you travel in Maine you will always be able to find some sort of water. The cliffs and and mountains are found all around and when there is water near by it is the most picturesque moment. The theme of this exhibit is all the different waters that are found around Maine. As you move to each picture the landscape becomes more mountainous and elevated. We start off along the coast and end in the mountains. 

This is Ogunquit beach found in Southern Maine. Many people enjoy going to the water. It is a big tourist spot. This water source is found on one of Maine's flat areas where there are no cliffs or mountains. The waves of the water crash on the many miles of shoreline.
This is one of Maine's waters where many people sail and keep their boats. York is found farther up the coast but still in Southern Maine. This is a calmer water source where the waves of the ocean do not crash on the shore line. You also begin to see more rocks and hills.
This Island is surrounded by the ocean off of Maine's coast. It is found off the coast of ST. George. The blue water hugs every inch of the land as the water moves around.
This is when Maine starts to show the hilly, mountainous part of the land. The water that the hill looks to is calm and beautiful as it reflects the landscape around it.
The beautiful water of the sea comes crashing down on these rocks making the blue water turn into white mist.
This is the seacoast of Maine. It has the cliffs that drop off into the water. People visit for the views and picnics by the coast.
The big green blue waves crash against Maine's cliff coast. Making the ocean look mean and tough.
This is a painting of the Portland lighthouse. It is one of the most picturesque sites in Southern Maine. This sits on the edge of the water on a cliff side. The water is close for the lighthouse to warn boats of the coming shore.
This water is found along side the Coast of Mt. Desert Island. The island is the Island that Bar Harbor is on. It is also one of the largest Islands found off the coast of Maine. The water is calm and quiet. Mountains are beginning to be found more and more.
Mountain views of water are beautiful. Eagle Lake is found in Aroostook County, Maine. Also pictured are more bodies of water in the distance.The town was named by a body of troops heading from Bangor to the Aroostook War for the many eagles that they saw around the lake
This is Lake Katahdin with the infamous Appalachian trail end in the background. The mountains are being reflected back in the calm water
This painting is at sunset and Turner Pond is reflecting the red sky back up. The peaks are known for their hiking and views.
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