This Google air exhibit represents the theme of power through the two books "Red Harvest " and "Life and Death of Cities". What makes The theme of power so simple yet so diverse is that there are so many ways to depict power and strength rather than physically like most people think. In this exhibit, i used many unusual pictures ranging from the thinking man in stature to the woman with the dogs and showing how her dominion over the dogs tied to the story. So when touring through this exhibit, realize that there may be obvious symbol however, there can also be hidden meaning as well.

this picture depict thunders power to destroy things as super highways destroys diversity as people can now go around the city as opposed to having to go through it.
This picture depicts the power of an enlightened individual because the more one learns, the more lethal his/her mind and words are.
This picture represents what people must do to stand up against the corrupt system and that is to make a stand together.
This picture represents the mind of most if not all the officials in red harvest because all of the officials are corrupt and do not want to lose power.
This picture represents the power of diversity as it makes businesses and cities grow so they can make more money worldwide.
The body of the athlete represents the structure and power that the officials has over its people through the mafia
This picture represents the level of corruption an individual must go through while just living their lives.
This picture depicts a gun and that the gun can be used to either help or hurt individuals.
the woman who appears to be protected in this picture represents the power that the officials have over the mafia because of the money.
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