Aesthetic Architecture

This theme is all about buildings. Buildings are a huge part of everyones lives, and it is reflected in art. At the beginning of humanity, structures were made purely out of the need for shelter. As time went on, people had more time to make things more extravagant. Building contained art and even became art. From cathedrals to skyscrapers, enjoy this gallery.

This wonderful painting fits right into the theme. It is an understated (fitting for who the church was build by: St. Francis) building, but is still is quite beautiful. Repetition and asymmetry win this painting.
Old mixed with new. Temporary wooden structures original ones may point to the decline of Italy. A splash of color goes a long way here. The texture of the entire piece rounds this painting off.
The eye is drawn to this painting due to its perspective. It pulls you down the street as you explore this lovely day in Verona. The contrast of the blue sky to the strong buildings also makes this piece.
Taking a break from Italy, we look at this stunning piece with fantastic balance. It relies heavily on repetition, as most skyscrapers do. The base of the building uses classical architecture, yet as the it rises it relies on industrial style.
Venice has some stunning buildings. This one is very asymmetrical, yet contains symmetry in part of the building. It is very repetitious which gives it the luxurious feel that Venice is famous for. To top it off, the gondola accents the piece.
This painting has an unrealistic perspective to it. I believe this is to show the beauty of the ceiling as well as the life the goes on inside. The massive dome is repetitious and shows the blue sky.
Another Italian break, this painting depicts the perfect day. As the sun sets, a gorgeous Warsaw has their evening activities. Stunning buildings look down the hill towards still waters. The eye is drawn far away and the plethora of buildings creates a sense of luxury and peace.
Possibly my favorite of the lot, this painting shows the beautiful and iconic skyline of Florence. With soft lines and soft colors, this painting reflects the relaxed atmosphere of the Tuscan city.
The beauty of this piece I think comes from the lines. The angled lines of perspective on the buildings draws your eye, as do the straight lines of the sky behind it. The soft color palette and the soft reflections give it a calm feeling.
I saved my favorite for last. The beautifully symmetrical Arch in the foreground of this piece wonderfully accents the Coliseum in the background. At the time of its painting, these structures had stood for almost two thousands years.
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