This Particular piece of Art not only represents sculpting. Its shows different colors and shading that can captivate the viewer
This particular art work shows a rather depressing color almost a dark pink rose color that highlights the clothing.
This nice piece of art work shows less detail but rather highlights the image with a green paint that works well with the image.
This Picture focus on deep red's with phases of white that allow the image to began its main focus
Very dramatic the picture depicts a person on a table the art its uses his methods of different hues of red,black,purple and grey to describe the imagery.
Enrique shows multiple shades of Black most likely used by led. Is depicts shadings of buildings and fruits also a salt shaker.
What looks like to be pencil work. Colors used in this art work are navy blues and dark ruby reds. Its shows a dark grey color as its main parts.
Created by Antonio Maro. This piece of art work uses a high yellow brown with brush strokes that bring its more unique colors out from its mostly dull background.
With very precise lines Miguel applies his color of choice (Blues, whites and blacks to create a sky blue and dark grey lay over.
This picture is one of my favorite. It reminded me of a bowl of soup. The artist reminds us that by adding substance to his deep red color. Lola adds yellow and black tones.
Amelia uses different colors to put together almost a collage of shapes and figures such as orange, red blue, yellow and black. Towards the bottom its as if she forms a quilt
This Image represents the many colors that can form the many different shadings of gold. Carlos uses his skills of color to form a rift towards the middle of the artwork.
Rodolfo uses the basic yet most needed colors of Black and white to form a dramatic and rather confusing image . The art may remind one of a pile of bones due to the shadings formed by the colors.
Celeste depicts to man working but uses great detail for the background. The different shades that make up the trees and muggy sky are amazing. The image truly goes deeper than just the two men.
This art work created by Mario shows the different colors you can form with white. Mario also uses blue to flow in and out of the white shapes. Towards the middle are brown colored crossovers.
Credits: All media
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