Cool Colors and How They Portray Emotion.

I chose this painting because it really explains how cool colors bring emotion to a painting. The emotion here seems to be depressed or lost which is expressed beautifully through this piece of art.
This painting also expresses the use of cool colors and how they bring emotion to a painting. This painting also expresses a depressed and calm feeling through the use of the color blue.
This painting displays a lot of dark colors, some of them being grey and blue. This painting brings the viewer a dark, depressing feeling through the colors. Proving that cool colors brings emotion.
This picture uses a variety of colors. The cool colors in this painting portrays a calm and relaxed feeling while the warm colors portray an enjoyable feeling.
Cool colors were used a lot throughout this painting. A lot of green and blue was used to complete this. This painting displays more of a calming and neutral feeling.
This painting is probably one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. The colors used in this painting display a dark and calm feeling through the use of cool colors.
This painting uses a lot of cool colors to display a depressing feeling. A lot of emotions are portrayed through this painting, mainly being sad, lost, and depressing.
This painting uses a lot of the color blue, which is portraying the feeling of lost and scared. I figured this by the use of the word "Help" painted in a vibrant, yellow color.
This painting uses a lot of dark colors including blue and black. The emotion I got from looking at this painting is a dark and calm feeling.
This painting displays the use of cool colors beautifully. Their is so many emotions portrayed through this painting from the colors to the look on the little girl's face.
When looking at this painting I felt a lot of emotions through the cool colors used in this paintings. I think the painting is trying to portray sad feelings from a tragedy that took place in the back
This painting displays cool colors such as blue and green. The feeling that was displayed in this painting was quiet and calm.
I felt like this painting was trying to show tragedy. The cool colors in this painting gives this painting a dark and depressing feeling to the viewer.
The cool colors in this painting show the harsh winters in the 19th century. The emotions in this painting portray a dark and depressed feeling.
This painting uses cool colors to show a dark and calm approach. The feeling I got from this painting was calm and dark.
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