tribute to the early church

The crucifixion of Peter was mentioned in Eusebius's Church History.
This is an area likely traveled by the army of Constantine.
This transcript has a partial figure of Eusebius on it. It is interesting that they would put his face on it.
Busts of famous men, gods, and even sometimes goddesses/women were common in the times of Eusebius and the early church. This bust is of an ordinary man re-shaped into the figure of Emperor Constantine
Many, many, many Christians were Martyred under Roman rule. This depicts a small portion of what really went on in the martyrdom of Christians. Methods of persecution/martyring include but are not limited to: crucifixion, boiling oil, gladiator/wild beast fights, and stoning.
Many christians were martyred in arenas like this one, either by wild beasts or by gladiators. In one case, however, Eusebius tells us that a Christian was unharmed by the lions released to kill him. Instead, the lions attacked the soldiers sent to prod them towards the Christian.
This is the gate of Constantinople, the city named after the Roman Emperor Constantine, who was the first Christian Emperor in Rome.
Romans and Greeks alike worshiped many "gods". They made idols in order to worship. This is Dionysus, god of wine/debauchery.
Under Roman rule, it was common for Christians to suffer persecution. One method of persecution was for the Church to be destroyed. This is what remains of a church that is probably similar to those that would be found in the times of Eusebius.
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