An Ensemble of Performers

This gallery depicts a group of musicians playing their instrument of choice using the medium of black and white photography. These images portray the performers passion, love, and enjoyment for the art of music. Music from many different genres such as classical, jazz, and rock from performers of all ages. 

Pictured in this image are the hands of a man playing the keys of a grand piano. This image demonstrates reflection which refers to the balance of the photo. It is mirrored exactly on each side. This photo also shows a set pattern within the color and layout of the keys.
This image portrays a beautiful young women playing a harp. Her passion for music clearly shines through this picture. Line plays a big part in this photograph because of the the strings of the harp. The balance of this photo is asymmetrical. It is harmoniously unbalanced, having more on the left than the right.
In the foreground of this picture sits a young man, who is considered to be a musical prodigy playing the cello. He is clearly the focal point in this photograph. Also emphasized in this picture is the value, because it is in black and white emphasizing the light and dark areas.
Surrounded by many instruments, the man in the foreground is enthusiastically playing a saxophone while the other two men are smiling and enjoying the music and playing along with their drums and trumpet. The balance in this photo is fairly symmetrical with the man in the foreground being the focal point and the focus of this photograph.
The man in this photo is aggressively playing the drums. This photo is meant to be blurry to show the movement and fast action of the drummer. He is clearly the focal point of the image because he is the only thing in the image. Texture is also used by the particles of sand bouncing on the drum.
This young lady is focusing on tuning her cello before her performance. She is surrounded by music stands that are filled with the wonderful pieces she will be performing. She is the focal point or the main focus of this photo. Also Repetition is demonstrated here with the evenly lined up stands.
This young man who is considered to be a musical prodigy is fully focused and passionate about his performance as he serenades the audience with the playing of his violin. He is the main focus or focal point of this photo. Line is also a factor in this photo as the violin creates a horizontal line straight to the young man adding more emphasis to the focal point.
In the foreground is a man fully enjoining playing his piano while having a jam session with his friends who are playing their instruments of choice in the background. The man at the piano is clearly the focal point and the photo is asymmetrically balanced with more men on the left then on the right.
This photograph depicts a man jamming on his bongo drum. The photo is blurry on purpose and is meant to show the movement or motion of the drummer. The man in this photo is clearly the focus or the focal point as he is the only image in the picture. It also emphasizes the value of the lightness and darkness by using shadows.
This photograph depicts a man alone in the background sitting in a backstage room preparing himself for his performance. Value plays a factor in this photo as you have many shadows casted. Line is also a factor the railing of the upstairs balcony creates a line leading straight to the man in the background.
Credits: All media
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