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This gallery includes religious art in sculpture form dating back to ancient greek times. These sculptures are biblical references as well as spiritually led by ancient sculptors and artists. Many of these sculptures were used in churches, temples, and cathedrals for remembrance and holy uses. 

Being one of the most important sculptors in the Fourteenth century, Jaume Cascalls created this sculpture with real human features and detail. It is very clear that this artist has a sense of realism. This is apparently a sculpted head of who is believed to be Jesus Christ. This could be considered super historical as well as religious considering who Jesus is to both the Christian and Catholic following.
This sculpture could be interpreted in many different ways but most believe it is one for religious reasons. This sculpture is obviously of a women in agony and/or grief. It is believed that this could be of her sins or of the death of Christ Jesus. However, the sculpture could be one of controversy due to her nude state.
A sculpture of biblical character The Virgin Mary, who was believed to be the mother of Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary played a huge role in this religious medium because of who she brought forth and how she did it. It is believed that Mary never had sex and was able to get pregnant through the Holy Spirit. This sculpture is a great expression of Mary's love and nurture for Jesus.
A white kilt, jewelry around his neck, wide eyes and brown skin is the perfect sculpture and masterpiece to depict Metjetji. Metjetji could definitely be seen as a religious icon within the Egyptian time period and was hope to to descend to a higher afterlife once he died.
With blood dripping down each of his arms, his head, neck and feet this is a breathtaking sculpture of the religious savior Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus was crucified with nails placed through his hands and feet, so the detail within this sculpture is amazing. With cloth around his waist and a crown on his head, the sculptor definitely did his homework through biblical study.
This particular piece is actually apart of a 12 part group which has sculptors similar to this one. The theme of the Dormition was inspired from the New Testament. This marble sculpture is very detailed; by the way his hair is flowing it is obvious that he is running. From his clothing to the his acial expression it is very obvious that this sculpture was very thoughtful and meaningful.
This figure was definitely sculpted and inspired from biblical text and stories. It seems as if this sculpture is reflecting the Virgin in the aftermath of a crucifixion which could be of several characters in the bible. This wooden sculpture is very detailed and moving when looked at from it's religious aspect.
This piece is so powerful content and detail. It is unlikely to see this small sculpture in someones home but very likely to see it at an alter or in a place of worship. Peter was a preacher in the bible so his action in this art piece is very fitting and powerful. His face is serious as his hand grips a book which may be interpreted as the bible or an older holy book.
Believed to represent both the end of a war and verse from Genesis, this figure is a symbol of Peace. Bearing an olive branch and a caduceus, the piece is very detailed and relieving for it's time period. Referencing Genesis, the caduceus is a symbol of commerce.
This sculpture is seen kneeling on his knees and praying, which is symbolized as an angel hence his wings. The sculpture is very detailed in expression and features. From the curves in his clothing to his hair, the sculpture was very specific in the way this particular angel looked.
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